Wrecker Decals

Style:Season 1

Build your collection with AV Figures Decals! These precision crafted waterslide decals are an affordable and perfect way to make your favorite characters from scratch.

What's included:

  • Full wrap-around leg decals

  • Full wrap-around torso decals

  • Full wrap-around arm decals

  • Full helmet decals

Some variants may have additional decals, such as backpacks, faces, or attachment decorations. The base figure, cloth accessories, helmet, and any 3D accessories are not included. This product is a waterslide decal set for the titled design. It is recommended to buy at least one backup set for any potential errors (even we mess up sometimes too).

See the table below for which helmets to use with each variant:



Parts Color

Season 1

AVF Wrecker Helmet

Dark Bluish Gray

Season 2

AVF Wrecker Helmet

Dark Bluish Gray


AVF Blackout Wrecker Helmet

Dark Bluish Gray

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