AV Elite is back!

10% Off

AV Elite grants you a 10% off coupon available for all purchases on our site! This will be in the form of a coupon code that you can apply at checkout. It remains active as long as you have your membership! You'll be able to use the Coupon Code AVELITE2022 at checkout for 10% off all orders once you've subscribed to one of the below memberships.

Access to the AV8R Legion

The AV8R Legion is a lineup of figures exclusive to AV Elite members! There are twelve designs, with a new one added every month. You membership allows you special access to purchase designs from this collection!

AV Elite Monthly

AV Elite Monthly is a program that grants you a 10% off discount code - AVELITE2022 - and is usable immediately after purchase. You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing support@avfigures.com! 

It also gives you access to the AV8R Legion design of the month! These decals must be purchased individually, and only one design is available per month.

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AV Elite Plus

Once you've purchased Elite Yearly above, you will have access to this limited-edition figure! This is AV Elite Plus, an exclusive print for the most dedicated AV8Rs!