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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Why do some products have no product photo?

A: All items on the site have designs ready for them and can be made to order. Because there are so many different clones, we haven't physically made every single design just yet. As they get ordered, product photos for them are added. We actively try to make new designs before they are ordered though, so that you guys can see what they look like! You can expect them to have a similar appearance and quality as the pictures that have already been uploaded.


Q: What are your figures made out of?

A: Our figures are made out of waterslide decals. These are a thin, sticker-like material that allows for a detailed design to apply over a blank minifigure, making it appear almost as if it were printed but allowing for a greater degree of detail.

Q: Why are your figures so expensive?

A: The price point is gauged by how long it takes to make each figure. They vary in detail levels, but they are all made to order by hand, and offer a greater degree of detail than any other custom Lego seller.

Q: What do I get when I buy decals?

A: You get a set of waterslide decals that have every design needed to make a full figure of your favorite clone. There is a tutorial on how to apply decals on our YouTube (AV Figures). I will be releasing a course on how to apply these in greater detail shortly.

Q: How sturdy are your figures?

A: These are more so collector's items rather than play pieces. They are able to withstand light play, but can and will tear if scratched at roughly. The printing never fades or yellows.

Q: What's the difference in armor type?

A: The Armor Type option refers to how the design of the figure will look. Animated armor looks like the clones in the Clone Wars TV show, while Realistic armor looks like clones in the movies.


Q: What helmets/parts do I need to use your decals?

A: All of our decals are meant to be applied over blank white figure parts. 
Phase I decals, both realistic and animated style armors, use the official Lego Phase I helmet. 
Phase II decals use two different helmets. Animated style P2 decals use the Arealight Trooper Helmet. Realistic P2 decals use the official Lego P2 helmet.
All commandos use the CAC commando helmet.
All recon troopers use the CAC Recon helmet.
ARF Troopers use the official Lego ARF helmet


Q: How long will my order take?

A: Each item is hand made, and due to the large volume of orders, your item can take up to 2 weeks to be shipped out (depending on the size of your order).

Q: Is the EP3 variant compatible with Arealight helmets?

A: Since the official Lego helmet is currently a rare commodity, not many people have that available to decal on. Decals (and figures) are available for the Arealight Trooper helmet upon request. Simply make a note of this in your order!

Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: We accept custom commissions! Please send us an email via the Contact Us page with details of your request and we'll give you a quote.



If you have any other questions, please feel free to send an email on our Contact Us page!

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