Starkiller - Pad Printed Figure Pre-Order


Unleash the Force with the JakobKaiserMOCs x AV Figures collaboration! This is our first pad printed collaboration with Jakob Kaiser, and we're excited to bring these to your collection.

This Pad Printed figure is printed onto genuine LEGO® minifigure parts. Starkiller includes:

  • Pad Printed torso, legs, and head
  • Custom 3D Printed/Ink-painted* lightsaber
  • Official lightsaber hilt piece
  • Official lightsaber blade

You can purchase Starkiller and Juno together for a discounted price here.

Each figure will be packaged in custom, eco-friendly boxes designed by Jakob Kaiser.

The estimated production time is roughly 3-4 months. Please be aware that this is an estimate, and the final shipping date may vary. The printing and is outsourced to a trusted manufacturer.

This figure was designed by JakobKaiserMOCs! Purchasing one of these supports him to create new and exciting creations! You can find more of his figures and creations on his Discord Server.

*Ink-painted denotes a production process where we use high-quality pad printer ink in an airbrush to spray-paint parts.

By default, we will not ship the other items in your order until the pre-order is ready-to-ship.

To avoid delays, please place your pre-order separately from your normal site order. If you do combine them and later decide that you would like your non-pre-order items to ship separately, simply send an email to, and we will separate them for you. We will have to charge a separate shipping fee for this, but the option is always there if needed.

NOTE: Please review our refund and misprint policy prior to purchase.

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