PokéClones: Super Ancient Squad Decal Packs


PokéClone Decal Packs are here!


In his first collaboration with AVF, Darin has created a collection of clone designs based off of popular legendary Pokémon with variations like Mega evolutions, Primal reversions, shinies and more! These designs will be available in packs of 4 decals, randomized from any of the 12 designs in this set, with rarities just like a booster pack of Pokémon cards! To give everyone a fair chance to collect these, there is an order limit of 3 packs per order.

All of these decals utilize the AVF RP2 Gunner Helmet and white minifigure bodies. Please note that the helmet and blank minifigure are NOT included with this pack, and must be purchased separately.

The total quantity of designs in the packs is:
81/82 Normal Kyogre (22.5%)
31/32 Primal Kyogre (8.61%)
81/82 Normal Groudon (22.5%)
31/32 Primal Groudon (8.61%)
81/82 Normal Rayquaza (22.5%)
31/32 Mega Rayquaza (8.61%)
5/6 Shiny Kyogre (1.39%)
3/4 Shiny Primal Kyogre (0.83%)
5/6 Shiny Groudon (1.39%)
3/4 Shiny Primal Groudon (0.83%)
5/6 Shiny Rayquaza (1.39%)
3/4 Shiny Mega Rayquaza (0.83%)

One of each of the designs was released at the previous AV auction, so the adjusted quantities for the packs are reflected above.

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