Package Saver


What is it?: Package Saver is designed to take the place of similar package protection services, offering the ability to ensure you get your items for the low cost of $0.97!

How it works: Add the ‘Package Saver’ item to your cart to be eligible for replacements on lost-in-transit packages or damaged items for each order! Should your package meet one of the pre-requisites, fill out our customer service form to receive a response about replacements or a refund within 24 business hours! It’s that easy!

What it covers: Package Saver is designed to cover items that may be stolen from your porch/mailbox, lost-in-transit, or items damaged in the mail! Please see below for more details.*

  • Lost-in-Transit: These are categorized as packages void of movement 60-days after their last service update. With mail services still operating slower due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this time frame may be extended at our discretion. Packages not protected with Package Saver that are lost in the mail, will no longer be eligible for free replacements.
  • Damaged Items: These are categorized as items specifically damaged in the transit process. These may include decals that become wet during transit, or packages crushed in shipping. Please consult a customer service representative to find out what else may qualify. Claims for damaged items must be filed within 3 days of the package being marked as ‘Delivered’.
*AVFIGURES reserves the right to use discretion when issuing replacements or refunds with the Package Saver service. Restrictions may apply.


What does it NOT cover?: Package Saver will not cover items broken, damaged, or mis-applied by the consumer. As the name entails, this is a package protection service, and the consumer is liable for the usage of products post-delivery. 

Package Saver will also not cover packages that are stolen or missing after being marked as "Delivered". In the event that your order is marked as "Delivered" but is not there, you will have to contact your local Postal Service for assistance.

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