Nightsister Merrin Decals


Recreate Cal Kestis from Jedi Fallen Order or Jedi Survivor with AV Figures decals!

This figure was designed by Verte! A portion of the profits is attributed to Verte, the primary designer, so purchasing one of these supports him to create new and exciting artwork!

What's included:

  • Full wrap-around leg decals
  • Full wrap-around torso decals
  • Full wrap-around arm decals
  • Face Decals
  • Alternate Torso Decals

The base figure, cloth accessories, helmet, and any weapons are not included. This product is a waterslide decal set for the titled clone. It is recommended to buy at least one backup set for any potential errors (even we mess up sometimes too).

This design is from canon/legends.

  • The JFO decals are meant to be applied to dark red torsos, pearl dark grey arms, and dark red colored legs. The two face decals can be applied to black and white heads.
  • The Survivor decals are meant to be applied to pearl dark grey torsos, pearl dark grey, and pearl dark grey legs. The face decal is meant to be applied to a white head.

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