Mysterious Mercenary - Pad Printed Figure Pre-Order


Mysterious Mercenary, by Cobalt Customs

The figure features:

– 360 degree pad printing 
– Custom injection-molded (in steel molds) helmet, rangefinder and jetpack, all of which feature detailed decorations. The helmet and jetpack are both printed and painted
– Molded blaster and two molded vambraces in high
-quality plastic, that all feature detailed decorations.
– Custom cloth cape with a printed design
– Custom molded hands
, with detailed decorations, both printed and painted
– Premium packaging
– Two extra official LBG hands
– One blank extra LBG official head
It will be printed on official torso-, arm-, head- and leg parts. It also includes a metallic collector card.

The estimated shipping time is around November 2024. Please be aware that this is an estimate, and the final shipping date may vary. The production is outsourced to trusted manufacturers, but is subject to potential production delays.

IMPORTANT: While the renders show two figures next to each other, please bear in mind that the final product only contains one figure. The renders only have two figures to show the front- and back side at the same time. These are digitally rendered previews, the final product may look different.

This figure is not being produced by AV Figures, but by Cobalt Customs. AV Figures supplies components for the figures and coordinates shipping, but does not directly handle production of decorated parts. Please direct any inquiries you might have about the figure or its production to Cobalt Customs. The best way to contact Cobalt Customs is through Instagram DMs; you can find him @cobaltcustombricks.

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