Modular Mandalorian System Decals


Build your ideal Mandalorian decal set! Choose from a variety of armor components and colorways to make countless combinations of Mandalorian designs. Our proprietary software will compile your selections into a bespoke decal sheet. These decals feature artwork designed by Andrew, NanoRex, and DangerGreg.

All body decals are opaque and white-backed, meaning that you can choose any colored body parts to decal over. Additionally, the flight suit has a Transparent color option, enabling the base color of your parts to show through. We suggest choosing a minifigure body that matches the color of your flight suit.

All helmet decals are transparent (except for the White option), meaning that the base color of the helmet will show through. We chose to do this because we feel that the decals are best applied onto white or silver helmets. Transparent decals are thinner, and apply more cleanly on the complex surfaces of the helmet than opaque decals would.

We do not have a live preview function for the decals, so please refer to the product images to preview what the armor components look like.

For visualization purposes, this is the layer order in which each component is placed on the decal, from bottom to top:

Flight Suit
Foot Pads
Knee Pads
Rear Plate
Shin Plates
Thigh Plates
Holster L
Holster R
Vambrace L
Vambrace R
Shoulder Pads

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