Generic Jedi Decals

Robe Color:Clear
Color Configuration:1

Create custom Jedi minifigures with the AV Figures x NanoRex Generic Jedi Decals!

These decals are designed to be used on ANY minifigure color! You can create hundreds of color combinations with these decals. Several belt attachments are included on each decal sheet, allowing you to configure your custom Jedi's belts as you see fit!

The Black Robe Color option comes in two types: "For any parts" and "For Black Parts". Please note these options as you select your decals! Applying decals "For Black Parts" onto non-black minfigure parts will produce odd-looking results.

NOTE: Render shown for visualization purposes. This product is NOT a finished figure. The decals were rendered onto transparent minifigure parts so you can see which parts are opaque.

What's included with the decal:

  • Full wrap-around leg decals
  • Full wrap-around torso decals
  • Full wrap-around arm decals
  • Belt attachment options, to be applied and configured at your discretion

What's included with the cloth:

  • Cloth specific to this design

The base figure, helmet, and any weapons are not included. This product is a waterslide decal set for the titled clone. It is recommended to buy at least one backup set for any potential errors (even we mess up sometimes too).

This design is NOT from canon/legends.

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