Darth Vader Expansion Packs Pre-Order

Package:Expansion 1

AV Figures is excited to be collaborating with Cobalt Custom Bricks and NanoRex Designs for our next pre-order, the Darth Vader expansion packs!

Expansion pack one features:

  • Hayden Face (light nougat)
  • Cracked injection-molded helmet, with decorated elements
  • Tattered cloth cape

Expansion pack two features:

  • Hayden Face, ANH (tan)
  • ANH torso and arms
  • Legs without printed waistcape pattern
  • Custom injection molded shoulder armor, with detailed decorations
  • Cloth Waistcape
  • Lightsaber hilt in ANH-style

Upgrade your current Vader figures with these expansion packs, or combine them to create multiple Vader variants! Possible combinations for these can be:

  • Expansion 1 + Expansion 2 = OWK Battle Damaged Vader
  • Expansion 2 + Full figure (pre-orders closed) = ESB and ANH Vader
  • Expansion 1 + Expansion 2 + Full Figure = ESB, ANH, and OWK Vader

The injection molded parts will be molded in CNC-milled steel molds, like how official parts are also manufactured. It will be printed on official torso-, arm- and leg parts.

IMPORTANT: While some of the renders show two figures next to each other, please bare in mind that the final product only contains the items listed above, for each respective expansion. Some of the renders only have two figures to show the front- and back side at the same time.

These are digital renders for previews, the final product may change.

As with any collaboration, a portion of the profits is attributed to the designer(s) involved! Pre-ordering this figure will help support Cobalt and Nano as they continue to make new and exciting products for the community to enjoy. 

The estimated production time is roughly 6 months. Please be aware that this is an estimate, and the final shipping date may vary. The printing and injection molding  is outsourced to trusted manufacturers, but is subject to potential production delays like Chinese New Year.

The production for the expansion units will not happen at the same time as the original, full figure pre-order. We cannot combine the shipment of the original pre-order with the expansions because they are being manufactured separately and independently from the original full figure.

By default, we will not ship the other items in your order until the pre-order is ready-to-ship.

To avoid delays, please place your pre-order separately from your normal site order. If you do combine them and later decide that you would like your non-pre-order items to ship separately, simply send an email to support@avfigures.com, and we will separate them for you. We will have to charge a separate shipping fee for this, but the option is always there if needed.

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