Cold Assault Backpack Mag-Lock 3D Print


This item is 3D Printed using resin, precision crafted to a high level of detail and accuracy!

The Mag-Lock backpack system was developed by NanoRex and AV Figures. It utilizes our Mag-Lock Magnets to attach backpacks onto minifigures, without the need to remove the head or helmet via neck bracket. Utilizing a subtle bracket, this system enables backpacks to retain their position and orientation. This system requires a magnet to be inserted in both the backpack and the torso. You can use our Mag-Lock Key to insert and remove magnets to the torso, ensuring that the magnet is not permanently stuck inside of a torso.

 This backpack requires 2 (two) "Backpack Magnets".

DISCLAIMER: 3D prints can be fragile, so please be careful when using themThey can break under too much pressure and are not as durable as plastic injected products. We will not be able to replace items that are broken by the user. Due to manufacturing variations, some 3D prints may be slightly looser or tighter than nominally designed. Magnets are intended to fit into their backpacks and stay in place with friction, but some magnets may be slightly loose in their backpacks, and may require glue. Please be aware of this before you purchase.

Figure and accessories not included. Backpack only

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