Decal Spotlight

Calling ALL AViators!

Now is the time for YOU to have the spotlight! Here at AV Figures, we're really swamped with all sorts of work that we don't have the time or resources to physically make every single design we have. With nearly 400 different designs in our arsenal, we've only had the opportunity to physically make a handful of them. I know there are PLENTY of AViators in our community that make incredible figures using our decals, and I want to team up with you to make them all!

Our website is filled with temporary images of clone helmets to represent which figure you're getting, but lacks a lot of product photos. Many of you have made clones that I designed but never got a chance to make myself! We need YOUR help to fill in all those missing images on our site. You don't even need a fancy camera or lightbox; all you need is your phone and the guidelines below!

For EVERY clone picture you send in that gets approved, you will receive $5 in store credit! Your photo and social media username will be featured on our website and Instagram feed and story!

I'm counting on YOU guys to help us fill up this site with images of the AMAZING customs you guys will make! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your submissions (:


Sample Front Pic

Sample Back Pic