RP2 Commander Kaiz Printed Figure DIY Kit


LIMIT ONE PER PERSON. We will cancel/refund any orders that surpass this limit.

AV Figures will only produce one run of this figure, meaning this figure will never be produced again. This figured was designed by NebulonEclipse on our Discord Server!

NOTE: Please review our refund and misprint policy prior to purchase.

This figure comes with a UV Printed Body and a DIY Kit. The DIY Kit includes decals for the helmet, inner leg, top-of-toe, and hand decals. Additionally, there will be alternative helmet decals that are meant to be used on a OP2 Helmet. Comes with a blank AVF RP2 ABS Helmet V2, RP2 Commander Sun Visor, and uncut cloth. The fully decorated items are shown as an example of what the product looks like after the customer has applied the decals. Understand the helmet arrives blank, and the customer is responsible for decaling the helmet and cutting the cloth,

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