Jedi Survivor Nightsister Merrin Printed Figure - Verte x AV Figures Collaboration


AV Figures offers the most detailed custom figures! Our figures are unrivaled in screen accuracy. This figure uses a hybrid of UV Printing and Pad Printing techniques to deliver a unique figure, based on Nightsister Merrin from Jedi: Survivor.

What's included:

  • Double-sided pad printed head
  • Ink-painted* 3D hairpiece
  • Pad/UV Printed arms
  • Ink-painted boots
  • UV Printed torso and legs
  • 1x ink-sprayed, 3D Printed dagger
  • 1x ink-sprayed, 3D Printed spear

This figure was designed by Verte! All 3D components are modeled by AV Figures. A portion of the profits is attributed to Verte, the primary designer, so purchasing one of these supports him to create new and exciting artwork!

NOTE: Please review our refund and misprint policy prior to purchase.

*Ink-painted denotes a production process where we use high-quality pad printer ink in an airbrush to spray-paint parts. The ink-painted are generally very durable on flat surfaces, but can scratch easily on sharp corners, such as the bottom of the boots or the corners of the toes. Please be careful when handling these parts.

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