Director Krennic (Raincoat) - JakobKaiserMOCs x AV Figures Collaboration


Build your Imperial Army with the JakobKaiserMOCs x AV Figures collaboration!

Director Krennic, clad in his raincoat uniform! He'll come with a UV printed head, light nougat and black hands (for a gloved and ungloved appearance), a pre-cut cape and an ink-painted and pad printed kepi.

NOTE: Please review our refund and misprint policy prior to purchase. Please view the accompanying product photos for an accurate depiction of the final product. Note that the white printed on the hips and legs are slightly darker than the torso.

This figure was designed by JakobKaiserMOCs! Purchasing one of these supports him to create new and exciting creations! You can find more of his figures and creations on his Discord Server.

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