Cal Kestis Lightsaber 3D Print


This item is 3D Printed using Black resin, featuring the highest detail level and screen accuracy on the market!

The Painted variants are using our ink-painted method we have developed.

Only the Painted Reforged, Painted Shoto, Painted Pommel variants come magnetized.

Important note: The Reforged saber is designed to use a 2x1mm disc magnet to connect with the pommel or the Shoto saber. This enables the user to easily switch between a single-bladed and a double-bladed saber stance. Please be aware that you will need to install magnets if you but the unpainted versions. You can buy magnets here.

3D prints are not as strong as ABS items, so please be careful when using them. They can break under too much pressure and are not as durable as plastic injected weapons. We will not be able to replace items that are broken by the user.

Figure and accessories not included. One lightsaber hilt only.

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