Boba Fett Printed Figure - NanoRex x AV Figures Collaboration


This figure was designed by NanoRex, who handled the modeling and digital creation of the helmet, rangefinder, scarf, and body design of this figure! The helmet and jetpack are made of a custom green resin, while hte rangefinder is made of a custom Dark Bluish Gray resin. The helmet is topped with decals designed by Andrew from AV Figures.

This figure features 360 degree wrap around arm and body printing, inner leg printing, along with a printed head.

A portion of the sales are attributed to the figure's original designer! Purchasing this figure also helps NanoRex continue to make more new and incredible designs!

AV Figures offers the most detailed custom figures! Our figures are unrivaled in screen accuracy.

NOTE: Please review our refund and misprint policy prior to purchase.

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