2099 Web Slinger Printed Figure


This figure uses a hybrid of UV Printing and Pad Printing techniques to deliver a unique figure, inspired by Across the Spider Verse's Miguel O'hara. The interior of the hands are painted red with pad printer ink, and the arm blades are made of 3D printed material.

NOTE: Due to the way pad printer ink adheres to the material of official minifigure hands, the red ink WILL chip away if you place objects inside the figure's hands. We strongly advise that you use these hands for display purposes only, and not to place anything inside the figure's hands. The arm blades are attached to the wrists of the hands, but can be very fragile if not handled carefully. We are not responsible for replacing or refunding items damaged by the customer. Please be aware that this is a display piece, and should be handled with care.

Please review our refund and misprint policy prior to purchase.

This figure comes with a UV Printed Body, 3D printed arm blades, and an alternate unmasked head/hairpiece.

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