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AV Figures

is not a one-man show. We're a growing team of Lego enthusiasts looking to help others customize and grow their collections!




AV Figures, created by Andrew Vu, is the product of a passion for fandoms and an enthusiasm for Lego figures. This is a growing team of Lego enthusiasts who work together to provide high quality figures, decals, and custom parts to build your collections and creative options.

The bread and butter of our product selection are decals and DIY kits, enabling you to make essentially every clone imaginable. Detail and quality are of the utmost importance to us, so we strive to offer some, if not the most, detailed figures on the market. What sets us apart from other custom figure makers is that we are community-driven, and aspire to collaborate with community members to deliver products that will benefit everyone. 

We're just starting the business and will be frequently adding more and more items to our product base. If there's something you want that you don't see here, please don't hesitate to send us an email and we'll see what we can do about that!

We hope you enjoy our products, and be sure to check back frequently for updates! You can follow our social media to keep up with our latest developments.

Meet the AViator Team!




Hello there! I'm Andrew, that overly-hyper dude on Instagram that makes Lego clones. I'm a nerd, a dork, and irrationally passionate about the custom Lego community. I have two goals: provide the decals, tools, knowledge, and drive to make figures on your own terms... and to inspire creativity and positivity through what I do. Everything this company stands for started where we all started: irrational passion for this weird little hobby and the desire to strengthen our creative outlets.


My job is to accomplish those two goals I mentioned. Your job is to be awesome. Congratulations, you're already doing that!



Master Builder

Hello, my name is Thomas. I am a minifig customizer as well as an occasional moc builder. I also do a variety of personal projects besides legos. I am a set designer and resin caster for AV figures. I hope you guys like my work but I am open to criticism if you don’t or if you have future set ideas!


Thomas is our primary set designer and packages all of our custom kits. He also handles some of our resin casting and is in charge of various projects in the works!



Comms Expert

Hello There! I am Aaron and I am one of the cloniers here at AVfigures! Here I will try my hardest to apply my skills into these beautiful, crafted figures! My passion for LEGO is more than I can ever imagine! And I love 212th btw


Aaron is here to answer any questions you might have about decals. He's your go-to guy for tips and tricks on how to apply them!




My name is Hector, I mainly paint my own custom figures but I also decal for AvFigures on a regular basis. I love expressing my artistic side through Lego customs; creating in my own unique way the characters that we all love and inspire us.


Hector handles most of our decal work here at AV Figures! He makes many of the decaled helmets you'll see on our printed figures.




Hi! My name is Sander, I’m that guy that sculpts things but never paints them. I mainly help Andrew with bigger and more detailed sculpts for him to cast, decal and sell. I’ve been in the customising community for over 10 years now, and have been sculpting for nearly half that. Sculpting has become one of my favourite hobbies, and is truly my favourite way to express my creativity with Lego.


Sander is one of the most talented sculptors in our community. We proudly cast a few of his creations to service the painters and sculptors with an eye for detail.




Hey there! My name is Chris, but most people call me mclovin1309 - that’s what I go by online! For years I’ve been customising LEGO figures with sculpted accessories and paint and now, with the help of AV Figures, some of my work is available for purchase. The best part is seeing what the LEGO customising community does with my work!


Chris is deeply involved with the community and serves to provide excellent bases for customizers to sculpts and paint on! We're honored to provide casts of his sculpts to everyone.

AV Figures Timeline

Feb 6, 2011


This brand started as nothing more than a hobby. I wanted to create a stop motion with custom clones, and Sharpie just wasn't cutting it. Thus, the journey began to make those clones with waterslide decals.

Feb 6, 2011

360° Decals

The standard figures with only front/back designs started getting old. It dawned on me that there are too many details that get missed, so I created 360° decals to better represent our beloved characters.


Decals > Figures

The popularity of 360° decals started rising so I began to sell the decals by themselves to allow people to decal their own figures. This started a movement where people finally felt enabled to make their own figures instead of just buying them pre-made.


Casted Items

After realizing that it became difficult to acquire certain pieces and sculpts took too long to replicate, I learned how to resin cast to collaborate with sculptors and spread copies of their sculpts throughout the community.

Feb 5, 2018

Launch of AV Figures

At this point, I found that college classes and the standard path of getting a 9-5 job wasn't for me. I dropped out of college and began my entrepreneurial journey, changing AV Figures from a hobby to a business.

Feb 5, 2018
Jun 8, 2018

Printed Figures

We expanded our operations outside of decals and decaled figures into printed figures and accessories, venturing into mass-produced pre-made items for collectors who didn't have time to decal their figures.

Jun 8, 2018
Jul 6, 2018


The workload of running the company on my own became too much to bear. I enlisted the help of the AV Team, people who had proven their dedication to the brand and community, along with strong talent with decal application. These guys helped AV Figures grow to new bounds!

Jul 6, 2018
Sept 15, 2018

Custom Sets

Thomas Fitzhugh, our Master Builder, blazed the trail for custom Lego sets in the Star Wars genre. This initiated a new form of collaboration, allowing MOC builders to profit off of their creations while providing a unique product to the community.

Sept 15, 2018
Feb 2019

Decal Stock

Decals and DIY kits quickly became the biggest product sold here. Due to this, we made a radical restructure of our workshop and inventory system to stock over 400 unique designs for decals of nearly every clone in existence.

Feb 2019
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