Phase 2 18th Trooper Decals


Create the Phase 2 18th Trooper from the 18th Defense Battalion with AV Figures decals! The 18th Defense Battalion is a custom group of clones made by @the_sullustan on Instagram! He is a talented painter that customizes clone trooper figures, and has given us permission to produce his designs in LEGO!

What's included:

  • Full wrap-around leg decals
  • Full wrap-around torso decals
  • Full wrap-around arm decals
  • Full helmet decals

The base figure, cloth accessories, helmet, and any weapons are not included. This product is a waterslide decal set for the titled clone. It is recommended to buy at least one backup set for any potential errors (even we mess up sometimes too).

This design is NOT from canon/legends.

  • These decals use the AV Figures RP2 ABS Helmet
  • These decals meant to be applied to a white colored parts

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