Clone Ranger - Wolfpack Trooper


We were given the opportunity to produce Mitch Moore's Clone Tank Trooper helmet in Lego, and have created a new template out of it! Introducing the Clone Ranger, which mixes elements from Solo Range Troopers, Clone Galactic Marines, and several custom elements.

What's included with the decal:

  • Full wrap-around leg decals
  • Full wrap-around torso decals
  • Full wrap-around arm decals
  • Full helmet decals

What's included with the cloth:

  • Cloth specific to this design

The base figure, helmet, and any weapons are not included. This product is a waterslide decal set for the titled clone. It is recommended to buy at least one backup set for any potential errors (even we mess up sometimes too).

This design is NOT from canon/legends.

  • These decals use the Clone Tanker Helmet 3D Print
  • The horns do not have decals, and are meant to be painted by the user
  • These decals meant to be applied to a white colored parts

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