Release Notes

5.01st Sale

The Biggest Sale in AV Figures History

Here's what you need to know.

May 1st, otherwise known as 501st day, is the day that marks a new era for AV Figures! Since our products mainly revolve around clone shenanigans, we thought, "What better day that 501st day to release a bunch of cool stuff?".

So, we got to it. Below is a full list of EVERYTHING in this release:



  1. AV Figures Cap
  2. AV Figures Tri-blend T-Shirt

Printed Items:

  1. Plain Trooper
  2. Plain Commando
  3. 91st Trooper
  4. Neyo
  5. 104th Trooper
  6. Commander Wolffe
  7. 212th Trooper
  8. Commander Cody
  9. 327th Trooper
  10. Bly
  11. 501st Trooper
  12. Captain Rex
  13. Shock Trooper
  14. Commander Fox

Resin Casts:

  1. Restocked P2 Helmets
  2. New AV Figures Prototype P2 Helmets
  3. Restocked BARC Helmets
  4. NEW Desert Ops Helmet


  1. Restocked Official P2 Miscasts
  2. Restocked Random Miscasts
  3. Restocked misprinted decals


  1. AP1 Ganch
  2. RP1 Ganch
  3. AP2 Ganch
  4. RP2 Ganch
  5. AP2 Desert Wolffe
  6. AP1 BF2 ARC
  7. RP1 BF2 ARC
  8. AP2 BF2 ARC
  9. RP2 BF2 ARC
  10. AP2 Grunt Officer
  11. RP2 Grunt Officer
  12. AP2 5th Fleet Assault
  13. RP2 5th Fleet Assault
  14. AP1 Sergeant
  15. RP1 Sergeant
  16. AP1 Lieutenant
  17. RP1 Lieutenant
  18. AP1 Captain
  19. RP1 Captain
  20. AP1 Commander
  21. RP1 Commander


  • Realistic AND Animated Trimmed Waistcape in the following colors:
    41st Elite, 501st, Blue, Coruscant Guard, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Dark Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, and Yellow
  • Realistic AND Animated Solid Color Waistcape in the following colors:
    Black, Blue, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Dark Red, Dark Tan, Green, Light Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, and Yellow

This is the biggest release in AV Figures history. New equipment and staffing has increased our production and productivity!

In the week prior to May 1st, we opened daily Pre-sales for the new printed figures. Each and every one of these pre-sales sold out (some faster than others), so we expect the remaining stock to sell out very quickly as well! Be sure to pick them up while you can, because we currently don't have a restock date!